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My 1980 Lincoln Versailles Restoration Project

Vera - The un-restored car

Original Build Sheet

The body was in good physical shape: no rust, no dents and few dings. Its second paint job, from Maaco over a decade ago, was wearing very thin and pealing, as was the second vinyl top. The original paint color is a medium gray with a silver vinyl roof and molding. The aluminum wheels have long lost their shine with years of accumulation of dirt and brake dust.

The engine has over 150,000 miles of wear. All hoses and belts were immediately replaced and the engine was tuned-up. Overhauls of the four disc brakes and parking brake were performed. Likewise, the carburetor, exhaust system and emission systems were overhauled. There's still some lifter noise that needs silencing. Functional items such as warning chimes, illuminated entry, cornering lamps, stereo system, 3 of the 4 power windows were repaired or replaced with used and NOS parts. Suspension and steering pieces appear to be in good shape.

The interior is well worn with torn upholstery and headliner, scratched panels and stains. 

The Goal

The goal in this restoration is to change the color of the car from gray to Cordovan, inside and out. Cordovan is a burgundy/brown color. The exterior will be an easier transformation as compared to the interior. This project will present challenges as the interior contains many parts which must be changed in color including leather, headliner, seatbelts, carpet, plastic, metal and rubber materials.

Vera is being restored according to the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club judging standards. This means keeping the car looking as original as possible using OEM parts when available. For example, under the hood, all components, belts, hoses, wires, etc. should be Ford or Motorcraft branded and the tires should be Michelin.

Work In Progress

The car was completely stripped of all chrome, moldings, weather stripping, mirrors, lights, bumpers, etc. for a thorough paint job. Cosmetic work on this car was performed by aviation artists who redesign and refit jumbo jet interiors for some of the world's wealthiest individuals. 


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