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Though the automotive press was quick to denounce the Lincoln Versailles as a non-driver's car and a made-over Granada, they were also just as quick to recognize the technology achievements, quality, refinements, comforts, conveniences and luxury traits that Lincoln buyers admire. Click on a link below to read the reviews of the automotive press.

All About '78 Cars 1 page. 

All About '79 Cars 1 page. 

Auto Reports March 1977, London. 3 pages. 

Autocar April 1977, London. 1 page. 

AutoWeek January 8 1977, 1 page.

Car & Driver May 1977, 6 pages.

Car & Driver April 1979, 5 pages.

Car Graphic (Japan) June 1978, 13 pages.

Collectible Automobile October 1987, 5 pages.

Collectible Automobile August 2002, 1 page.

Consumer Guide 1979. 1 page.

Consumer Guide 1980. 1 page.  Price Guide.



Consumer Reports April 1980. 1 page.

Continental Magazine Spring 1977, 5 pages.

Continental Magazine Fall 1978, 4 pages.

Lincoln and Continental Comments March/April 2007, 2 pages. 

Mechanix Illustrated April 1977, 2 pages. 

Motor May 1977, 1 page. 

Motor Trend January 1977, 1 page.

Motor Trend May 1977, 5 pages.

Motor Trend June 1977, 1 page.

Motor Trend August 1977, 1 page.

Motor Trend '80 New Car Buyer's Guide 1 page.

Road Test September 1977, 4 pages.

Wheels (Australia) June 1977, 4 pages.


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