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Make your own Lincoln Versailles paper model car

Just print, cut, fold and glue


JPG image           PowerPoint           Word Doc


  1. Cut out with scissors or a razor blade the outline of the car including the tabs.

  2. Fold, on both sides, along roofline above front doors

  3. Fold inward tabs A

  4. Fold inward tabs B

  5. Fold inward tabs C

  6. Fold inward tabs D

  7. Fold inward tabs E

  8. Fold inward tabs F

  9. Fold inwards along top of front windshield, aligning the fold with the slant of the front doors

  10. Fold outward along the bottom of the front windshield, aligning the fold with the bottom of the front door windows

  11. Fold inward the front end of the car at the top of the grille

  12. Fold inward along the roofline at the end of the carís C-pillar

  13. Fold outward along the bottom of the rear windshield, matching up to the top of the rear fenders

  14. Fold inward along the top of the trunk

  15. Fold inward along the top of the headlights

  16. Tape or glue tabs A under the windshield

  17. Tape or glue tabs B under the hood

  18. Tape or glue tabs C behind the front-end panel

  19. Tape or glue tabs D under the rear windshield

  20. Tape or glue tabs E under the trunk lid

  21. Tape or glue tabs F behind the rear panel

  22. Fold inward tabs G

  23. Fold inward tabs H

  24. Fold inward tabs I

  25. Tape or glue tabs G together

  26. Tape or glue tabs H together

  27. Tape or glue tabs I together


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